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Recycling your candles - We are here for you.

Posted by Jeb Booge on Mar 28th 2020

Recycling ProgramI have had a number of questions about whether the VogueBooge Candles Recycling Program is still in effect. It is the backbone of our company and something we believe strongly in. So, … read more

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Mar 17th 2020

I want to take a minute to offer insight on how I am handling the Covid-19 Pandemic, with regards to production.  It frequently comes up when discussing VogueBooge and its roots, that I have a ba … read more


Posted by Jeb on Sep 4th 2019

Melts are introduced - wickless and wonderful VB scents you can melt lightly with a hairdryer, putting it near a heat source or in the sun.All six "Lost In The Woods" scents for $30 are great for dorm … read more
Is Spring Here Yet?

Is Spring Here Yet?

Posted by Jeb on Jan 23rd 2019

Thank you for your orders this past holiday season! Over the next couple of months, check out our floral candles and feel the warmth. I love making these mottled scented candles! I'm happy to make you … read more