Why VogueBooge?

Posted by Amy Porter, Porter Productions LLC on Oct 14th 2017

It's Booge. Pronounced like vogue. 

My husband Jeb and I love candles. He’s a certified “Candle-aholic” and used to have a Yankee Candle coupon in his wallet. He enjoyed making cosmetics for his former company Twin Peaks, so, in a new venture he decided he’d give in to his passion for scented candles and make them on his own. And they are incredible accent pieces. They come in several styles - 100% Soy clean-burning hand-poured with humorous labels and Jeb’s designs.

In 2014 I had created a code name for my Tumblr blog named VogueBooge, since "vogue" is the word he uses to let people know how to pronounce his name - what looks like “Boogie.” I did it because my friends wanted to know our story of how he found me again after losing his wife of 23 years to breast cancer. It was reaching out to his first love at age 14 at The Tatnall School-  after 32 years of silence. I created the secret blog to guide people to the stories of our life. We were married 2 days after my 50th birthday. It was epic indeed. 

Our small business loves its customers. They are all unique in their noses and what they like in a fragrance. Jeb is a master. He's a brilliant chemist, graphic artist and humorist. Enjoy our candles as we light up your life. We're keeping our light shining for you!